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We are here to help you grow the best-looking garden ever!!
We are here to help you grow the best-looking garden ever!!

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Your garden in Sutton can benefit from some expert care

Excellent Gardening Services around SM2 AREAIn Sutton, Gardeners Sutton really is the go-to place for all your gardening needs. Our garden landscaping services are among most popular options. Our experts can offer lawn maintenance or even a spot of weed control, another of our most popular packages in the SM1 district. They can visit you and provide these services weekly, monthly or at any time you need them. Call now to chat with an expert who can talk you through the different options available to you.  

Your garden can be turned into a selling point of your property

Are moving out of your house in the SM1 area? Worried that you'll be leaving your garden in a horrid state? Help is at hand! We aim to respond to call outs swiftly, so we can help you meet your moving out deadline ahead of time. If the whole garden is not looking too good, we can offer you garden landscaping at great prices to tackle the issue. If your lawn is not looking very spritely, then we can offer grass cutting and lawn planting as a standard service to breathe life back into it. We have a large team of talented professionals based in Sutton, who can assist you with any kind of issue you might be facing.

Clear up your garden for spring

Spring often signals an opportunity for cleaning up the house and preparing it for the warmer weather of summer! However, often the garden can get neglected. This can be because of lack of time, money or you might just not be quite sure how to go about it! Throughout Sutton, we've been advising and helping out garden owners on the professional gardening services that can really take care of their gardens. We can offer garden layout planning to really transform the space. We can also supply anything from grass planting to weed control to allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest in the summer months.

Your dreams can come true

Professional Landscapers in Sutton, SM1Many people spend their free time dreaming of what their garden could be like. Over here, we dream about making your dream a reality! Throughout the SM1 region, we've been letting people know about the full range of our expert gardening services. We can set up one-off visits or we can come over regularly to provide lawn mowing or other equally professional maintenance packages. Whatever you may need to realise your dream, we've got the solution for you!

Regular care is essential for a beautiful garden

No matter the season, regular garden maintenance will always be necessary in Sutton. Autumn is beautiful, but regular leaf collection is often necessary to preserve flowerbeds and lawns. In spring, planting is going to contribute to ensuring your garden is full of colour and life in the summer! And before those warm months are over, a bit of expert care is going to keep your garden healthy and in great shape for the rest of the year. Our teams are on hand to give you all the advice you need and our experts are available all year round!

Contact the experts

Need some advice on what garden maintenance package to hire for your garden? Gardeners Sutton’s friendly and professional gardeners are on hand every day to take your calls and discuss each of our options with you. If you need regular visits for lawn maintenance or spraying, then we've got some great packages available at great prices. If you're looking for a one-off service, then we can discuss that with you too! We have been delighting people in the SM1 area with our expert services, so come along and see what all the fuss is about! Book an appointment today on and you too will be able to join the legions of our satisfied customers!

testimonials - what customers say

I never need to worry about the appearance of my garden because I have the help of the best and most talented gardeners in the area! Gardeners Sutton have made my life so much easier by handling all of my garden concerns for me. Now I...    
Emma Roberts
Everyone at Garden Maintenance Sutton seems like they really like their jobs and are passionate about all things gardening. I've used their expertise many times now and on every occasion I've always found them to be helpful, friendly,...    
Mike Cartman
For every garden landscaping chore I've had in the last year, I've turned to GardenersSutton. I have been working on my garden, adding new features and changing things and I never once attempted the job myself. This is because I knew...    
G. Sampson
This is the third garden clean up company that I have hired and I this is by far the best. Garden Care Services Sutton are exactly what they claim to be - professional, experienced, reliable and understanding of their clients. Their...    
Ken Collins
The leaf carpeted mess in my back garden was beginning to cause me some embarrassment but I really didn't have the time to sort it all out. That's where Garden Maintenance Sutton came in. Their team are like supermen. They cleaned...    
Bradley Konta
I never minded cutting my lawn, but I was finding less time to do it. Wanting to keep the trim I am used to, I let Gardeners Sutton take over. Their team have been handling my grass cutting for the last couple of months and I am pleased...    
Sonja Alistair
The team from Garden Maintenance Sutton has made my garden a pleasant place to relax in. They replaced the grass with beautiful sandstone paving and also raised the beds in the front garden. The process from the beginning till the...    
Tracy George
Sutton Landscapers definitely employ a trustworthy and dependable team of expert gardeners. Their prices are always genuine and are very affordable considering the quality of services that they deliver, and their gardeners have always...    
I don't actually have a garden but I do have quite a large roof terrace. I wanted to see how nice I could make it for hosting BBQs. Garden Maintenance Sutton did an absolutely awesome job with their garden design service and such great...    
Jack Thomas
I was quite undecided about how to re-do the backyard. I don't mind admitting that I am not so creative by nature. My friends said that I would spend a fortune in trying to get my garden looking artistic. I don't blame them; my garden...    
Bob W.

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